Friday, 9 September 2011

The cheesy chicken !

The name says it all!

You will need:
Chicken 1 kg, boneless
Cheese spread 100 gm.
Onions 5, medium sized
a pinch of minced garlic,
a pinch of minced ginger
Vegetables, cubed, a cup or so
(capsicums, beans, mushroom, carrots, peas)
refined oil, 2 tablespoons.
flour, quarter cup
a cup of milk.
a pinch of oregano
a pinch of chilly powder/black pepper
and seasoning.

How to do it:
In a wok, heat the oil
Add the ginger, garlic and stir for a minute.
Add the chicken, vegetables and 2 cups of water.
Let it come to a boil and retain the stock.
Boil the stock, taking out the chicken and vegetables.
Add the flour, stirring continuously.
(otherwise it would become lumpy)
Add the milk and the other ingredients.
Stir for 8 more minutes, or till the chicken is done.
Check for seasoning.

One can replace chicken with, vegetables, paneer, fish etc.

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