Friday, 4 May 2012

The Red Rice

When you are cooking rice, make sure you have the rice:water ratio right.The trick is to use the same cup for measuring rice and water.This one i make with red wine and tomatoes, hence  it's tangy and red.

You will need:

rice: 4 cups
red wine: 4 cups
chicken/veg stock:4 cups
vegetables:tomatoes,cauliflower florets,peas, beans, capsicums(thin slices)
2 medium onions,chopped
2tsp ginger garlic paste
coarsely chopped coriander leaves
3 chillies
and seasoning.
(one can also add shrimps)
vegetable oil: 3 tablespoons

How to do it:

Wash and soak the rice in water for an hour.
In a wok, heat the oil,add the onions,once they start becoming translucsent,add chillies(slit),the ginger garlic paste
and stir for a minute.
Add the vegetables,sugar and salt and stir fry for 2 minutes.
If you have a  rice cooker, transfer
the fried stuff in it, or else a pressure cookerwouldwork just fine.
Add the rice, the  wine and the stock and let it cook till it's done.
Garnish with  coriander leaves.